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Have you had a bad experience sourcing products in China? The problem isn’t China but rather the partners you worked with. SureSource has over 30 years of experience manufacturing in China, with a complete team in the country and U.S.-based customer support.

SureSource will manage your entire sourcing process with full transparency from product concept to dock.  Want a partner in China you can trust? It’s SureSource.

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SureSource provides In-house project management, engineering, and quality control teams with transparent, BOM-driven, all-inclusive pricing. We have dedicated support resources in the U.S. and a team on the ground in China. And we take ownership of the final product’s quality.

Trusted Quality

Get the quality you deserve. At SureSource, we are focused on quality at every step. Our 4Quality process starts with a thorough design review, detailed validation, quality control, production inspection and assurance, and ends with responsive customer service and support of your final product.

Full Service

Introducing your one-stop-shop for China sourcing. SureSource manages your entire sourcing process from product concept to your dock. From initial consultation, design review, supplier selection, quotation, quality and production control, and logistics, SureSource can provide exactly what you need, when you need it.

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Learn what to Avoid and how to Build it Right in China

Learn the top 5 mistakes and top 5 best practices for sourcing in China. Get a deep dive into the critical activities that your business will need to employ to be successful. Gain insights from experts who have been successfully sourcing in China for over 30 years.