How we work: concept to dock

SureSource is a full-service sourcing company. With our in-house Project Management, Engineering, and Quality teams, we have a full staff in China to go from concept to dock. Pricing is BOM driven, generating a single, all-inclusive price to the designated delivery point.

Customers rely on our expertise to bring value, quality, and predictability. Our open and transparent project management style, along with our wide range of in-house capabilities, enables SureSource to act as an extension of our customers’ sourcing team which often leads to enduring partnerships with our customers.


Each customer is assigned a dedicated, English-speaking Project Manager (PM), who coordinates all sourcing activities. The PM will manage schedules, regulatory requirements, costs, mass production lead time, and final delivery. The PM also coordinates and documents weekly customer meetings. This single point of contact improves communication and mitigates errors throughout the entire product development and production process.


Experienced, production-focused electrical, mechanical, and software engineering resources assist in streamlining product design for repeatable, high quality mass production. These in-house technical resources ensure that design revisions are implemented quickly. Our engineering teams work with regulatory agencies and oversee performance and validation testing to obtain regulatory certifications. SureSource engineering is your technical resource, ready to respond to all your product development and production needs.


SureSource customers are deeply involved in the supplier selection process. We identify and audit compatible factories. We work with our customers to determine the best choice supplier for their project. Ultimately, you, the customer, has final authority over supplier selection. Once that decision is made, SureSource manages the entire commercial and operational relationship with the supplier. Freeing you up to focus on your business and not on sourcing or logistics concerns.


At SureSource, the quotation process is driven through a very detailed Bill of Materials which is regularly updated to reflect the latest design changes. Once the incoterms have been decided, SSL will quote an all-inclusive cost to the designated delivery point with no extra costs, or hidden charges. We guarantee full transparency for our customers.


SureSource implements a thorough, 4-step quality process for all production projects. 4Quality is our time-tested, performance-driven process, which reliably produces ultra-high quality products.


SureSource manages the entire production process from samples to pre and mass production. We provide inspection reports and frequently update the status to our customers. Manufacturing processes are reviewed with test and measurement equipment calibrated to meet the customers’ specifications. The SureSource Quality Control team will provide a pre-production inspection report for review by the customer. We supply you with a timeline that details the entire process from project initiation to shipment. Outgoing inspection reports are provided BEFORE shipments leave the factory.


Each customer has different requirements when it comes to logistics. SureSource can manage the entire process from freight management, customs clearance, duties, and destination freight management right to the customer’s door. We work according to each customer’s needs. We will identify different freight options and provide multiple quotations. This way you can minimize shipping costs or expedite delivery—whatever your priority.

Quality control eve​ry step of the way​

At SureSource we take quality seriously, with a comprehensive multi-point QC process. It’s what we call 4Quality. We don’t ship until the product meets your exact specifications.

Product Design

Our team of electrical and mechanical engineers review every product design to ensure it is optimized for high quality manufacturing — and we offer suggestions to reduce costs for the final product. PCBA designs, mechanical structural design, certification compliance, tooling and fixture design, and BOM analysis are all reviewed to optimize manufacturability and cost which in turn leads to improved product quality and overall value.

Validation & quality control

A product validation plan is developed to ensure your product meets all functional, performance, cosmetic and certification requirements. A QC Plan is developed which becomes our blueprint for high quality production.–from incoming quality control through in-line production inspection to outgoing QA. Work instructions are prepared, critical dimensions highlighted and control points identified. Specialized test and measurement equipment including jigs and fixtures are specified, developed and qualified. The QC plan is the genesis for integrating quality into the entire production process.

Production inspection & assurance

Before mass production can begin, pre-production is evaluated with corrective actions taken to resolve any issues. During mass production, SureSource will visit the factory to confirm that the proper in-line inspections are being completed and if needed any corrective actions are implemented. We perform outgoing quality audits and inspection reports which are shared with you. Should a problem be detected, SureSource will discuss it with you prior to shipment. No product will ship before we have alignment with you, our valued customer.

Customer service & support

Rest assuredSureSource takes full responsibility for the products shipped to our customers. Should a problem be identified, we will work with the supplier to resolve and close the issue. We will coordinate directly with you to mitigate any delays or impact on your final product.

4Quality is the thread connecting everything we do at SureSource. Our 4-step proven process, from product design to validation and quality control to production inspection and customer support is designed to provide you with piece-of-mind and assurance that the product we deliver will meet your expectations of quality and performance.