China has become the largest manufacturing center in the world. Unparalleled supply chains, superb engineering, quick-to-market new product development, low cost, and high quality manufacturing combined with reliable product delivery are just some of the reasons to consider China as your primary source for product manufacturing.

For companies based in the U.S. or Europe, it is critical that you find sourcing partners that you can trust. Some companies have been burned by turning to online portals or unknown companies and engaged a factory that either didn’t exist or took their money without providing any usable product. You may have been burned in a similar way. Your partners in China will need to have boots on the ground, working on-site,and on your behalf every step of the way. There are tremendous benefits when the company you contract with also has team members in North America and Europe.

Your partner will also need to assist you to create a comprehensive plan for success. Have you struggled to source quality product from China? Your product development and production plan must address supplier selection, product design & validation test-ing, regulatory certification, detailed pricing, quality control, pre and mass production, and logistics. Most of all it should detail a completely transparent process, so there are no surprises during product development, production, and at final delivery.